Starlight to Certainty

May 9th 2018. 11:00 p.m.    Dear Stuck-in-my-head-forever, You know, it has to be mutual, or it means nothing at all. You had begged your way through chances but frankly my Dear, I couldn’t give you any. The scares that you inflicted and all the pieces of my heart that were left scattered in the wind… Continue reading Starlight to Certainty

“You don’t give a ship”

Can you teach me something? One thing which I don't know. How to stop thinking and pretend nothing has happened and put up a fake show. How to stop the flow of blood and numb the veins, kill every emotion, even if I'm dying from inside, from outside, how can I glow? Can you tell… Continue reading “You don’t give a ship”

Cartoons, the best part of childhood.

If it weren't for cartoons, our childhood would have been probably as dry as dust. They made us laugh like some insane, cry like newborn, get into a fight for TV remote with siblings even parents, and much more. Top of all, they taught us infinite lessons which helped us in one way or another… Continue reading Cartoons, the best part of childhood.

If Only It Was Enough To Carry On.

You thought, it never mattered to me You felt, only you were stuck in the storm You believed, I was resting on a soft cushion. And you are sure, That I will always be like this! But You were wrong then, You are wrong now Even then, I poured over a concrete floor Broke my… Continue reading If Only It Was Enough To Carry On.

Humanity On Deathbed!

Words Count: 148 Time to Read: 1 minute This world is on fire! Fire of greed, Fire, to fulfill its desire. Now, Mankind has lost its dignity Love, care, joy, Everything is just far away from its vicinity This world has no place for emotion. To achieve big goals, Humans have kicked out all relations.… Continue reading Humanity On Deathbed!

This Is What He Did On Getting Fired From A JOB ?

Please, read it till the end 🙂 Bob, You are Fired, What? Why? - No Warning, Not Notice. Your performance didn’t meet the expectation, so company decides to terminate your employment. Please, follow the termination process. ‘Hope you do well in the future’, ‘Best of luck for the future endeavor’ everything seems less convincing and… Continue reading This Is What He Did On Getting Fired From A JOB ?

City Of Living Mannequins

“Fake is the new real,  You gotta keep a lot of shit to yourself.”  ― Genereux Philip I see them Here! I see them There! I see them in every Corner! They are just Everywhere! Nicely Sculpted, Diligently Crafted, Carefully Kept Just like a Monument meant to remain forever. I see them working Putting in efforts on… Continue reading City Of Living Mannequins

14th Feb – no different from any day

We fall in love when our imagination projects nonexistent perfection upon another person. One day, the fantasy evaporates and with it, love dies - Jose Ortega y Gasset How quickly days roll, And Time flies swiftly. Past returns back to me, In no time, so quickly. 14th Feb, Valentine Day. A day to fly for… Continue reading 14th Feb – no different from any day